Hi, my name is Noémi!

I am half italian half hungarian, but was born and raised in Hungary. I just got my BA degree in turism & catering. Being and working with animals was always a hobby for me. Since I was a little kid I was sorrunded with animals all the time. Horses, cats, dogs you name it. I grew up always having at least 8 paws in our house so it is safe to say I have 10+ years of experience being a pet mom. :)  

As a dog owner I understand how important a well behaved and socialized dog is. 

I favour positive reinforcement training, since animals perform positive experience based activities more often, so the regular trainings result in the development of the dog's problem solving facility and always end on a high note. Positive reinforcement trainings eventuate a highly keen training partner :)

I succesfully completed the american Do More With Your Dog! trick dog trainer course and got my certification as an Animal Actors Evaluator as well. 

In 2023 I successfully completed an ethology course to have a better understanding of the different behaviours of our dogs , meanwhile I started a reactivity course at Spirit Dog Training and finished my Heeling Styles Course organised by Nino Drowaert (STSK9).

Working as a dog trainer affords you the opportunity to work with your favorite animal while helping other dog lovers to understand better their pets.