Chose whats best for your pet ! :) 

Dog Training - at home

Previously agreed training at the dog's living environment .

20 €

Small group training

Dog training in groups of 2-3. Previously agreed place and date.  

17 €/dog

Trick dog training

AKC Trick Dog, DMWYD and Dog Dancing preparation .

22 €

Professional advise

Previously agreed consultancies 
online/at home. 

20 €

Dog handling- show preparations

Aquireing dog show exercises and the required behaviour.  

15 €

Dog fitness, balance-training

Muscle strengthening, stamina and coordination repairing excercises. 

15 €

Dog walk - 30 minutes

   15 €

Basic course 

9+1 time pass for solving everyday problems and learning basic obedience commands . The last lesson is for FREE!

185 €

Trick dog course

9+1 time pass where the dog learns tricks based on it's level of knowledge. The last lesson is for FREE!

210 €

Offline courses have an additional travel fee based on the previously agreed location.